Irish Olympic target shooting

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Checking on progress with the RIKA

RIKA Trace x-y graphMeasuring my baseline performance with the RIKA to compare against earlier performance levels.

MQS 2 – this time it’s not a fluke

Composite Group

UCD August Airgun Open 2011

UCD August Airgun Open 2011UCD August Airgun Open 2011. Things just refuse to settle down, but Ashling and Paul had fantastic results and WTSC is going from strength to strength...


MQS!It took 10 years & the last push has taken 8 months of physical, mental and technical work, but I finally hit the MQS score of 570 tonight.

Buttons and lessons

Ten-shot string for score

A good evening's training, with a change to jacket buttons and a lesson learnt about the MEC Free rearsight.

Painting the ten…


Approach is okay, hold is okay,triggering is so-so but release is awful.


Shot seven. That'll do...Diagnosing the incredibly obvious problem from the UCD Open and improving as a result...

DIY barrel weight plus proper mental game equals tens!

DIY barrel weightAn evening spent bodging up a barrel weight, improving the approach to the target, and finally finding a solution to a hole in my mental game.

A good solid evening’s training

RIKA-captured points of impactA good day's training interrupted by various hardware glitches, WTF and D'Oh moments.

Also, planning for next weekend's match in UCD

More blinder work

Blinder, fully obscuredNew blinder design following feedback from fellow ISSF judges, and more RIKA dry-firing. is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache