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New Firearms SI

So we’ve only just heard and the details are still sketchy, but it appears that a new Statutory Instrument was released this morning (it’s not hit the Just… Read the rest

Prime Time taking the piss

So after waiting for every single last one of the twenty working days they had available (and counting a day that the rest of us were working on as a non-working day), RTE r… Read the rest

Prime time complaint to the Broadcasting Authority

RTE won't respond to complaints - will the BAI?

Joint Oireachtas Committee Interim Report on Firearms Review (and response)

Late last week the Joint Oireachtas Committee published its Interim Report on its review of Irish Firearms Legislation. It's a bit of a mixed bag. Some of its recommendations are just good; some could be good but how they're implemented will determine if they're good or bad; and at least one of them is actually not legal.

Positive news for a change…

Finally, some good news about the review of firearms legislation in Ireland

Prime Time pull another hatchet job on Target Shooting

A second hatchet job carried out in the name of scaremongering by RTE Prime Time.

Submission to the Department of Justice on the Review of Firearms Licensing

Submission to the Department of Justice on the Review of Firearms Licensing

Opening Statements

All the opening statements from the Joint Committee hearings.… Read the rest

Why Santa would be put in jail under the Firearms Act in Ireland

One of the lighter moments from the Joint Committee hearing…… Read the rest

So just how complicated is Irish Firearms law? Let me draw you a diagram…

Firearms Law In Ireland

Firearms Law In Ireland

(You’re probably going to have to click on that to read it, but it’s a large image; here’s the pdf if you want it)

Everything i… Read the rest is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache