So just how complicated is Irish Firearms law? Let me draw you a diagram…

Firearms Law In Ireland
Firearms Law In Ireland

(You’re probably going to have to click on that to read it, but it’s a large image; here’s the pdf if you want it)

Everything in black is an Irish Act (primary legislation). Red is an EU directive. Blue is an Irish Statutory Instrument (secondary legislation). Anything in italics has been repealed and is just there for historical accuracy (there’s only three).

I’ve tried to keep the Acts as close to an accurate place on the time index as I can, but with the SIs I just tried to keep them readably closely associated to their respective acts.

I’ve omitted minor Acts (like the various finance acts bar the most recent one pertaining to us) which make only minor rules that wouldn’t affect most of us day to day.

Everything in the green box must be read together to form the Firearms Act, as amended.


And ye wonder why the legislation side of things has eaten so many manhours in the last decade?

Appearing at a committee near you…

So after the submission I sent in to the Joint Committee about the proposed changes to the Firearms Acts, I got invited to appear before them to discuss the submission in person. And the agenda just came out today on the Oireachtas website:

What’s on this week

The Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality will meet on Wednesday 21 January 2015 in CR2 LH2000 at 10 a.m. to consider the following:

Hearings on submissions received in relation to the review of firearms licensing
Session A: 10 a.m.
[Mr. Nicholas Flood; Mr. KJE Balinski-Jvndzill; Representatives from the Wild Deer Association of Ireland; Harbour House Sports Club; National Target Shooting Association and National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) will be in attendance];
Session B: 2.30 p.m.
[Mr. Phillip Slattery; Mr. Mark Dennehy; Mr. Jeff McCann; Dr. Albert Jordan followed by representatives from the Irish Firearms Dealers Association; National Rifle Association of Ireland; and National Association of Sporting, Rifle and Pistol Club will be in attendance]

(Funny side note, Dr. Albert Jordan is the guy who first taught me how to shoot twenty-odd years ago. Small world).

Would have mentioned all this earlier, but I had to prepare an opening statement with a short deadline (of about forty hours, including the time lost by not seeing the invite, the will-I-won’t-I decision making time and trying to talk to a few of the other groups about what they were covering to avoid duplicating effort, and , you know, sleeping, eating, working and toddler-related stuff). So, sortof a rush. And apparently the powerpoint system in there doesn’t work so well, so my original plan to just show this image wasn’t a runner…

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Oh well. It would have been memorable. (And given them a break from the 200+ submissions they’ve received).

So here’s my actual opening statement (and here’s the pdf in case the formatting is mangled by the whole document->blog post conversion again):

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Submission to the Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on the review of firearms licensing

What target shooting actually looks like.

For those who don’t know, a review of the firearms act has been proposed by the Gardai. It has been, to say the least, controversial.

After the frankly appalling meeting of the Joint Committee on Justice to hear these Garda proposals, submissions to the committee were sought from interested parties. Here’s mine for anyone interested (the formatting below is a little mangled by the conversion from the document to a webpage). Others have been posted on the thread here.

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