Irish Olympic target shooting

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Ooooo… new wireless SCATT sensor…

New SCATT wireless sensor for the SCATT trainer. Sweet...Scatt WS-1 sensor

Centra Duplex

All we need now is a kitchen sink...

The Centra Duplex - a quick review

Back on the range…

Dipping the toe back into the water...

Playmobil finals hall

Definitely one of the better PR moves in shooting in a while. Plus, fun to muck about with :D5202 Playmobil Target Shooter

The last match…

Sighter shotThe last match I'll be shooting for a few months. Started well, finished well. Not a bad result :)

New pellets

Qiang Yuan 200-pellet traysBatch testing the Qiang Yuan pellets with the help of

Peashooters: UCD Summer Air Open 2011

Peas And PotatoesThe peashooters and spudguns list for the UCD Summer Airgun Open 2011

UCD Open 12.6.11

Megalink target

A humiliating disaster of a match :(

DIY barrel weight plus proper mental game equals tens!

DIY barrel weightAn evening spent bodging up a barrel weight, improving the approach to the target, and finally finding a solution to a hole in my mental game.

I may have made a mistake… this.....or a major improvement. I don't know yet, and probably won't know for a week or so. That's the nature of changing your rifle setup... is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache