Irish Olympic target shooting

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So just how complicated is Irish Firearms law? Let me draw you a diagram…

Firearms Law In Ireland

Firearms Law In Ireland

(You’re probably going to have to click on that to read it, but it’s a large image; here’s the pdf if you want it)

Everything i… Read the rest

Appearing at a committee near you…

So after the submission I sent in to the Joint Committee about the proposed changes to the Firearms Acts, I got invited to appear before them to discuss the submission in person. Here's my opening statement.

Submission to the Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on the review of firearms licensing

For those who don't know, a review of the firearms act has been proposed by the Gardai. It has been, to say the least, controversial. After the frankly appalling December 17 meeting of the Joint Committee on Justice to hear these Garda proposals, submissions to the committee were sought from interested parties. Here's mine for anyone interested. Others have been posted on the thread linked to from here.

To the head of the Dail Committee on Justice…

Sent by email to the head of the Dail Committee that saw this lovely statement by a TD…

Dear Deputy,
I’m a licenced firearms owner, who owns two rifles and a pisto
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Murdering Children

A letter to a TD asking why he thinks I want to murder children.

It’s finally here…

Walther LG400 Alutec ExpertFrankenRifle's successor has arrived!

…and back!



Shooting at the UCD Air Open

Thanks to whomever took this at the UCD Air Open!

Okay, the score was diabolical, the muscle strength wasn’t there where I needed it, the trigger still fee… Read the rest

Ooooo… new wireless SCATT sensor…

New SCATT wireless sensor for the SCATT trainer. Sweet...Scatt WS-1 sensor

Changwon, 2013 – the first ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup with the new Finals format

The new ISSF Finals format - we're not giving the gold medal to the best shooter on the day anymore :(

Poisonous response

Another mass shooting in the US, and again the inevitable way people on the internet deal with tragedies like this. They all want a convenient, quick, easy solution, a t… Read the rest is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache